Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My New Used Trike

I bought it....1200$. Probably worth more than my car. which makes me want to get some padlocks for the doors of my car when it's going to be in there.

It is a KMX Viper.
Check the webpage:

And here is ME riding it:

It goes pretty fast, but I swear that is me.

I let the guys at work try it out and they thought it was awesome.
They are all jealous of my sweet ride.

Now I need a helmet.
I'm thinking this one because it is AWESOME:

or, one of those shiny german ones with a spike on top. That would be cool.

Anyway, I need to get the shifters changed, some break pads, and the chain adjusted a bit and then I'm good to go.
I can ride it now, but the boom is a tiny bit long.

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