Saturday, June 6, 2009

Test Driving a Trike

So I want to buy a tadpole sport trike. This is NOT the one that old ladies ride around with groceries in the back. It's more of a reverse "big-wheel" type affair. Just google "Catrike" and "KMX tadpole" and you'll see some pictures.
This guy is selling his KMX Viper model because he has no $$. Sad for him. Potentially nice for me. BUT it's still 1500$. That's much cheaper than new but I don't know. I was test driving it for about 20minutes today and my thighs started to burn. It takes some muscle when you don't know which gear is which...and I don't. It was all twisty and whatnot (the gear shifters were just twisties on the handlebars).
Two people commented that it was very cool just in those 15 minutes. One commenter was a little girl on a pink bike with training wheels. She said it was pretty and strange. I told her her bike was pretty too, but not strange. Another was a woman about my age walking a dog. She said "that looks like fun." It is fun.
The Viper is designed for off and on road, mud, etc. Very sporty.
I don't know. I'll have to test a few more.
I'd put up a picture but I'm on dial-up again and I don't have all freaking day.

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Pamela said...

Just buy it! You'll feel better.