Sunday, June 21, 2009

OK, Enough Ranting Today

I finally got some wifi. I'm at a motel in Missoula. I give a lecture at the university tomorrow and the motel has wifi.
I always learn something at a motel. Right now I'm learning that I do NOT miss having TV in the house (ok...trailer). I've been looking for a show for an hour. It's all CRAP. It's on reruns of MASH now which is fine, but not necessary or enlightening.

Anyway. I wanted to post this super cool picture of me taking Gramma Wagner's arm for a ride around the lake on my super new trike:

How Gramma's arm got attached to my shoulder, I will never know. Oh well. At least I didn't get her cankles. Pam got those.


Pamela said...

I also got the rest of Gramma's arms and several other relatives arms as well.

Fly Right said...

Love the trike! Love the lake! Have the arms (and some cankles of my own)!

Jill said...

Thanks for all the support! Maybe we should develop "arm bras" to keep them from flapping in the wind.