Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I know I'm just back from a trip, but I'm also blogging from the trailer on dial up, so I need to do an entry that doesn't require photos as uploading them would take decades.

Instead of the trip's something about a gift that just keeps on giving.

Last Christmas Angela and Jonny (Hi Poodles!!) gave me a gift bag with an assortment of wonderful items each with a silly explanation. Salt-n-pepper shaker napkin rings...a bundle of paper napkins to put in the aforementioned rings, fake-tattoo-sleeves to slip over my tubby arms, bath fizzies, a bubble gun that looks like a dolpin with bubble stuff, comedy cds, and on and on. Rather than having and orgy of fun all at once, I've been grabbing something out of the bag (almost as if it were a grab bag) and enjoying the gift slowly. It's over a year now and I'm not nearly done.

A couple of weeks ago I took a book out fo the bag. It's by Augusten Burroughs and is HILARIOUS. Short memoire/stories sort of like David Sedaris but even darker. I started reading it and thought I needed some background on his life before I read more stories so I checked A Wolf at the Table out from the library. This is the story of Augusten's father...not a pleasant character. That made the stories even funnier.

While at the cabin last week, I was reading while Jeanne, my fellow cabiner, was cooking. I kept laughing and ended up reading an entire story (one where Augusten's friend is running a personal ad which he and she wrote while very very drunk) to her. We loved it (at least she said she did).

I just finished the book but will be reading it a few more times before I would think of passing it on so don't hold your breath if you're one of those people who gets my used books!

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