Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Suck for Not Posting Photos Sooner

But here are some picts of the camping/cabin trip to Montana:

One of the other buildings at the old campground:

Only our cabin is up for rent but there are about 6 buildings there.

It's quite nice and scenic.

This is the new cookstove the USFS had put in the cabin:

Here it is in perspective.

You can see the end of one bunk bed there. I always take the beds FURTHER from the stove, but by 3am, this baby had the cabin up to about 80degrees no matter where you were. Bears be damned, we opened the windows for some cold air!

I made these huckleberry crescent rolls (use your imagination on the "crescent" part) from a package of biscuits and some jam. They were delicious

Then, Jeanne kicked my culinary butt with a wide variety of tasty rolls and dishes. Oh well.

For those who are under the impression this is a rough way to live, here is my bed. All made up with sheets, pillows, blankets. Not too rough really.

But the top bunk only has about 8" of clearance between it and the ceiling. If you were to sleep up there, you'd bash your head every morning. I just use it for storage.
Do you like the nightstand? Vintage folding chair.

I'm leaving out the photo of Jeanne because she has her own blog (which I forgot where it is!
Jeanne if you send me a link I'll put it in) and can post her own photos.

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Fly Right said...

Finally! Sounds like you gals had a good (and well-fed) trip!