Tuesday, December 16, 2008

'No 'Poo Update

Isn't it time for a serious 'No 'Poo update?
Well, it's my blog and I say it is.

"But Jill," you say, "How are you blogging? I thought those bastards took away your free internet."
Well, I'm typing it into "Notepad" and saving it on my thumb drive, then taking that to work and posting from there while still not abusing our internet privileges.

Anywho, it's been too cold to leave the house (apartment...trailer...)
(that's a Girls Will Be Girls reference for those following along at home)
{{I can't find a Girls Will Be Girls clip that is REMOTELY appropriate to include here}}

in the morning with a wet head, so I washed my hair this evening. And, rather than take another shower I washed it in the sink.
I think that actually works better. It's hard to get my hair wet now that it is all coated with healthy hair coating stuff (sebum?) so soaking it in a bowl actually works better than trying to get it wet in our shower with mediocre water pressure.
And scrubbing the scalp with baking soda takes a bit longer than working up a shampoo-y lather. Also, I like to let the long bit sit in the vinegar rinse for a bit and that is easier in a bowl than in the shower with just a cup.
The final benefit: it's good to finish with a cold water rinse. That is an issue in the shower because even if you just stick your head under the cold shower spray, you still get cold shower secondary spray all over your nude body (sorry for the visual...pretend I'm hot) which is fairly traumatic first thing in the morning.
In the sink, the water stayed pretty much just on my hair and my head. Much easier. Of course, in the apartment our water pipe runs up 2.5 stories of uninsulated exterior wall and it was 5 degrees outside today. That was some seriously cold water.

Coincidentally...the apartment fix-it guy called me at 3pm to tell me that there had been a "serious flood" and thus the water would be off for a while. I had just got home from the library (I worked in Spokane today as the car is in the shop getting a full physical) and had chosen, STUPIDLY, not to pee at the library, but instead to wait until I got home. After about an hour of thinking about the fact that I wasn't supposed to pee...I had to pee REAL BAD. We have a grocery store with a whizzer right across the street, but what if the water still wasn't on by bed time? (I was saving the single flush of water in the toilet tank for the inevetible morning whiz)
I didn't want to run to the grocery store multiple times this evening having it become obvious that I was just going over there to piddle. I get all my groceries there and thanks to Sher's gift of a teal colored handbasket that I shop with and all the check out chicks love (see previous entries), I'm quite well known over there and can't just slip in unnoticed. At about 4:15 I give up and go back to the Gonzaga University Library to enjoy a relaxing, unobtrusive whiz.

I thought this was bad until I called my friend BLANK (name removed to protect the potentially humiliated) to ask how things were. She lives with her sister and brother-in-law about 10 miles out of Moscow, Idaho on a mini-farm. Well, with the cold weather their toilet, which is always a bit iffy, had decided that it would only allow liquid to pass through the system. And I mean ONLY liquid...no paper. No..well..."solids". She refused to say what they were doing to cope with non-liquid-toilet-appropriate-items. She did concede that whatever the current system was...it was not, apparently, dog-proof. (EEEEEWWWWW) I've always argued that dogs are better than cats because if you die alone in your trailer/apartment/house/mansion with a dog, it will NOT eat your face. I may have to rethink that because it seems that the cats are uninterested in human effluvia, unlike their canine compatriots.
They have several cats, but I did not suggest that they put all the cat litter in a giant box...and...well....

As I type, I'm enjoying the classic film "A Christmas Story" [Angela: I know that should be underlined or italicized as should the title above, but I have limited capabilities on Notepad and limited time to post the blog at work. Please forgive the inappropriate formatting.]
{to everyone but Angela: She's a tenured Professor of English and quite unforgiving about spelling, punctuation and formatting. More than one student has shed a tear when cut by her razor like wit. My favorite current story is when Angela had to inform a young ADULT student that "you" is spelled Y O U, not "U". F'ing text messaging is ruining our youth.}


Angelamusings said...

OK, you threw down the gauntlet, so I must respond. First, glad your bladder didn't explode in shimmery fireworks last night. Are you like Norm on _Cheers_ when you walk in? Everyone yells out, "Jill!"
I'm glad to hear that you are able to keep up your beautiful hair despite limited resources.

As for the grammar Nazi stuff, I am ONLY one when I'm getting paid to care. If you are just an illiterate moron outside of my class, I won't torment you about it because, on some level, you probably already know. I learned my lesson in college by "gently" telling a roommate that she was consistently making a grammatical error (beginning sentences with "Me and ____ are going to the movies.") This person, from that point forward, not only repeated this error, but would look my way and raise her volume about 20 decibels when she did so. Y? Y? Y? did she do this? Kisses! Angela

Fly Right said...

I'm sure I was the _____ that was going to the movies with Angela's roommate (at least until she started dating regularly). I wish I could be paid to be a grammar Nazi (since I already kind of am one. . .).

Jill's waterless night made me sad. I'm glad she dealt with it well.

Angelamusings said...

Hey Laurie,

Just betwixt the two of us...you were. Trying to tell a certain young Mennonite that she shouldn't begin a sentence with "Me and ..." was NOT successful. But we still love her!

Yvonne said...


I'm right here! Stop talking about me Y'ALL!


Jill said...


Angelamusings said...

Um, technically, I never mentioned anyone by name. First initial, maybe. But Y, it was hysterical how you showed me by practically YELLING "Me and Laurie..." or "Me and Karleen..." from that point on. Lesson learned. Angela (P.S. Can you remind me of your Miller family blog? You once trusted me enough to share). Hope you are all doing well. Happy Holidays!