Monday, December 1, 2008

Betty's OK!

Betty is my car.
It was the alternator. It must have had an attack and died on the road.
I asked them to check out the rest of the car before I paid for this repair. They said they already had (they've met me), and the transmission etc look fine. So, it's fixed. I drive down to Moscow tomorrow morning at some ungodly hour and pick it up. I'm hoping to get there in time to take a yoga class while I'm in town since I'll miss the one in Plummer.

To celebrate Betty's miraculous recovery, here is my current favority Willie Nelson video:

And, just because this was emailed around work today and CRACKED ME UP:

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Fly Right said...

Glad she's okay. Yea, Betty! (and yea Willie & Burt for that hilarious video!)