Friday, October 10, 2008

Worms Have Their Own Radio Show!!

NPR's Science Friday is running a segment on worm composting today.

I'm quite pleased.

Today someone who got worms from me is passing on a batch to another person. We're like the Heifer International of worms (with Heifer the recipients of help agree to pass on some of the progeny of their livestock or other assistance).

I've given worms to three people. The person passing on today has passed on one or two other times. It's like a Vermi-Ponzi-scheme! How cool.

Anyway, the worms are lovely, though housed temporarily in my office in paperbags in a Walmart bag. At least the WalMart bag is being re-used...sigh. I don't condone WalMart but I'm not taking the worms out because they would get worm juice on the carpet. Worm juice is pee. Plants like it but I bet custodians don't.

My worms are doing quite well. They like squash so fall is a good season for them. I did notice that the person passing on these worms has citrus peels in there. I don't feed mine citrus as it can get toxic and my bin is pretty small. I really need to split it into two or get a larger one. Probably 2 is better so I can let one sit and finish twice a year while the other is still going. If you leave them for a month or so with no new food they eat all the remaining bits and go through the bedding so you have pure worm dirt (poop). Then you don't have to pick through it as much.

Anyway, just happy to be passing on worms today.

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