Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some Great Frugal/Eco Blog Entries Out There

This blog entry is just because I noticed that there are some good entries in my favority frugal/eco/simplicity blogs of late.

I'll link them so you can enjoy, rather than stealing their ideas which was my first thought:

Living in 100 square feet on The Good Human

This is about living in TINY homes and includes a couple of videos.
I've been fascinated with these particular tiny homes, Tumbleweed homes, for a while. I don't think I'll ever buy one because of the cost, but you never know. I will take design ideas from them.

My friend Laurie's shop, Flyright Gifts, is interesting in it's own right so please visit her blog. AND it's been featured on Apartment Therapy!! Another of my favorite sites because they focus on tiny apartments and homes and how they can be fabulous.

Why do I like the tiny? It's simple and it's frugal. You don't pay as much to heat/cool/clean/maintain/build a small home. AND it's simpler because you have less stuff than a big home can hold. You choose what to put in a small home (though some will always choose more than others) more carefully than what to put in a large home. My trailer is about 1000 square feet, but no basement, no attic, no extra storage. Thus, I had to choose fewer things to go in it than went in my house. The house had similar square footage on the main floor, but ALSO had a basement, attic, and garage to store more crap. Now it's in Pam's basement...sorry Pam.
The apartment is also small, though large for the price, and has 2 closets and a sort of storage area in the stairwell. So, less stuff (though more stuff than I need).

Anyway, here are a couple more interesting blog posts on frugality and simplicity:

SquawkFox, a blog about frugality, has an interesting call for input in this entry: What are your three worst financial decisions. Interesting how many people say "buying a house." There are also interesting comments about how the worst financial decision can be the best personal decision.

And I'm going to mention one blog that is no longer active, but it's the one that got me inspired to start blogging. It's Frugal for Life. The author brought herself out of deep debt and wrote about enjoying the freedom of debt free living. She's not adding to it anymore, but the posts are still up and she only retired it a few weeks ago so the ideas are fresh.

That's probably enough for now. I'll leave the "why the tanking economy doesn't scare me" stuff for another day.


Squawkfox said...

Thank you so much for the mention! I too love The Good Human and Apartment Therapy. :)

Fly Right said...

Thanks for mentioning me too! On my blog there's a link to The Greater Green, which has some great frugal/simple tips for eco-living. Joanna's a city gal who recently moved to the country and has started an organic farm. Her chicken stories are really interesting. . .