Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty...

But not witty or nice.

I washed my hair today. With the baking soda and a lemon juice rinse because I was at the trailer and out of apple cider vinegar. I'm at work an hour and a half early anyway so decided to deal with my hair here rather than at the apartment in Spokane. I don't like that shower as much and the lawn sprinklers are on (in the RAIN) every morning at 4:45-5:30. That's when I need to be in the shower. There is no water pressure. That makes me angry.

Anyway, so I wash my hair and comb it out but don't brush it because it is still wet. I go to work with a big mop of wettish hair that dries in to a big mop of dryish hair. I don't want to put it in the daily pony tail until it is dry AND brushed. So I'm walking around with a big pile of messy hair.

This must be what passes for "sexy" in Idaho. I had two co-workers (not the usual lecherous-y ones who don't even count...normalish ones) stop me and say I looked real good today. It ain't the outfit (sweatshirt from a thrift store, muddy jeans and shoes that have seen better days...all in shades of grey and brown). It ain't the makeup because I don't wear any.
Each then felt the need to get specific "Your hair is down. You look different." No kidding?
Then "You should wear your hair down more." we've crossed into EEEWWWW.

I can't get a photo and it will be all deflated by the time I can so you'll just have to trust my not-usually-creepy coworkers that my hair looks fantastic.

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