Monday, September 15, 2008

Ups and Downs of the New Semester

So, the city apartment is in campus town near Gonzaga University. The students are back.
There have been some up-sides to this:
Great free crap in the alley when they all moved on August 31st
A livelier neighborhood on the weekend
Good turnover of stuff at the thrift stores
A few of them are actually reusing their re-usable grocery bags which gives me hope for the young people of America

And some downsides:
The downstairs neighbor had her mail stolen!
There is more crap and wasted stuff in the alley
A livelier neighborhood all night long
The new basement neighbors may have packed 4 or more people into a quite small apartment and they are quite loud.

Hopefully most of the downsides are just part of everyone settling in and getting used to habits and schedules.

And it IS nice to see some of the neighbors putting things out on the curb with "free" signs before they throw them out. And to see them reusing those reusable bags their moms bought them. Now if only the new baristas would learn to make a decent f'ing americano!

I wish I had a picture for about a funny video (sorry they make you watch an ad! I in NO WAY endorse whatever crap product they are hawking):

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Fly Right said...

Wow. You have baristas. And liveliness! I have puddles and a backache.