Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, I thought since the meditation class was so good. How about taking the 90 minute yoga class before then. I need it (tense and what not) and it would be a better warm up to meditating than just walking on the treadmill.

Yeah. Um. This was the toughest yoga class I've ever had. NOT because of the difficulty of the poses. I'm good at the poses and quite bendy for a fat girl.
BUT have you ever gone to sit in a chair, but stopped say 4 inches above the chair? Then held that pose for say 90 seconds?

Go try it now. Really...I'll wait.

Here's something to watch while you do that:

That was 15 seconds too long, but you know you couldn't do it anyway.
I do get a kick out of that group, The Zimmers. They are old.

After that yoga class I felt old enough to join the group. The other woman in the class (yes, I said the other woman...not that there was just one other WOMAN, there was just one other PERSON in the class), was about 20 years older than me and that sucked because she could do everything. My form is better, but she can hold a pose forever. I apparently have a very heavy ass. I cannot stay in Plank Pose (like the "up" part of a push-up) for 90 seconds without putting my knees on the floor (fortunately the boobs are pretty well already down on the floor already in that pose so there's a couple of pounds I didn't have to hold up). I'm pretty sore today. But eventually I will get better or be humiliated out of class. I did have more success on handstand than the other student, but I think form is more important than strength on that one.

Fortunately today at work the plan was to screw around so being sore and tired worked out OK.

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