Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So they just started offering a meditation class at work!
Well, not at work but at the wellness center in Plummer, Idaho. I get a free membership there as a job benefit and the classes are all included in the membership. (How frugal is that??)

Yesterday, they started a meditation class. It was great. Yes, it is a bit like nap time without the graham crackers and milk (I'm thinking of bringing some granola and soymilk though). But still. It was lovely. 5 people showed up. This is alot. The yoga class just before meditation had one student in it. I'm going to try the yoga class too. It would be a 2 hour break from work twice a week. But I'm working 5 10s anyway so I'd still be 6 hours over my minimum work week. I use that extra time as comptime when I need a day off and don't want to take vacation time. My boss is cool with that.

Anyway, in meditation class, we all laid down on the floor on mats and blankets for a bit of cushion. The teacher put eye bags on our eyes (tiny oblong silk pillows filled with flax and lavendar) (she put a tissue right over our eyes first so no one would get pink eye on the bag). Next she put on some soothing music and told us to focus on our breath and to take slow breaths.
Then suddenly she was talking again and I'm thinking "WHAT THE HELL!? I'm TRYING TO MEDITATE HERE. SHUT UP!" I thought we'd only been lying there like 5 minutes. Turns out it was 30 minutes. Very relaxing.

Then I went to the office and ate more of that Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili for lunch.

I hadn't been to the wellness center in a while (which is a gym really). There is a new sign on the inside of the women's locker room door:

I like it because it makes me wonder what happened. And how many times did it happen.

While it would never normally occur to me to meander around half dressed (I don't even much care for shorts), this sign made me want to go up to the snack bar in my bra and undies and order a smoothie or something.

Who was not fully dressed?
How not "fully dressed" were they?
Was it that they were not "fully dressed" or was it more about the person's...uh...body type? (fat? hairy?)
Is there a similar sign in the men's locker room?
Do those hideous bike shorts that are so tight I can tell you have prostate cancer count as "fully dressed"?
(Have I blogged about the bike shorts incident at the cafe?)
So many questions. No answers.


Fly Right said...
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Fly Right said...

I think I could teach a meditation class. I actually used to have that very eye pillow (sans tissue, as it was mine, all mine!)

Does "fully dressed" mean not barefoot? Let's hope so. . .

Jill said...

I don't know about the barefoot...let me try it next time.