Friday, December 19, 2014

Week 2 Clothing Experiment

Well, this week I got one compliment.  From someone at the library who doesn't know me.  She liked the lavender sweater. 

No one at work as noticed a thing.

The order of sweaters was:



 Wednesday   (Note the use of a black t-shirt as the baselayer):
 Displaying Photo387.jpg

Thursday  (changed it up with a brown turtleneck rather than last week's cream turtleneck):
Displaying Photo393.jpg

Friday  (note use of brand new thrift Eddie Bauer red turtleneck.  Very Festive):
Displaying Photo400.jpg

Still wish I had black jeans...must get some Rit dye and sort that out.
 This would have been a snazzier outfit with dark pants.

I may try the brown carharrts next week with the lavender sweater though the butt on the carharrts is paper thin and could blow at any moment.

But seriously folks...had I bought these new (one was "new" actually...Friday's sweater is the one that had the tags still on it) and at retail prices we're looking at $ 160 + 330 + 330 + 270 + 250 =$1260 worth of sweaters I wore this week.
I'm estimating my prices from Dale of Norway online stores, and from the tag on the Pendleton.  
How did no one say anything except the woman at the library...who is a knitter?

Next week I will try to see more people.

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