Friday, December 12, 2014

Week 1...wee clothing experiment

I didn't take good photos...but I kept the background consistent by using the nice mirror in the employee crapper.

Here is a rundown of this week's sweaters.  Well, every week's sweaters but the order of appearance for this week.

Monday, the "new" used lavender Dale of Norway cardigan:
With a cream turtleneck because I didn't have a better color.  And photo in the home crapper for variety.  The rest are in the work crapper.

Tuesday, the zipneck black Dale of Norway:

Wednesday was my most comfy sweater.  The classic black ski sweater by Dale of Norway from 1992:

Thursday I had a more formal meeting so I chose the new thrift Pendleton merino wool cardigan:

 I really liked it and wished I had a dark red or royal blue turtleneck, but the old shabby navy one had to do for now.  I look like I lost weight but it was just the sweater.

And today, Friday, the sweater was another Dale of Norway cardigan.  The black and cream one I've had for a while.
And yes, that's the same cream turtleneck.  I'm short on shirts to wear under these.

 No one said a word but I didn't see many people twice this week.  And I wore a different sweater each day. 

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