Monday, July 7, 2014

Simplicity Through NOT Facebooking

So Facebook has been messing with your head of late...what with the psych experiments.  But of course, if you're on the f-book, it's been messing with your head the whole time in my view.  I have friends (real life ones, not f-book friends) who like and use and enjoy f-book.  Good for them and as you know I believe in each person doing as she/he pleases.  

For me, not f-booking is simple and frugal and brings me lots of peace.   But, you f-bookers may wonder, how do you "stay connected" to people?  How do you know what everyone you've ever met, and some you haven't, are feeling like at every moment of every day?  What if you want to post something interesting but you aren't on f-book?   Well, I don't care.  Moods pass quickly so why do I need to follow each up and down of the entirety of my acquaintancy?  I don't.  The close friends, I follow them because we talk and email, and GET THIS...write letters and MAIL them at the POST OFFICE!  OMG!  Did you know that the post office still exists?

Anyway.  It is my contention that f-book can mess with your head, actually I mean MY head, at all times.  Even when there is no overt psych experiment.  I tried it for like a day and hated it.  I know people who check it frequently to see if anyone has "liked" something they've posted.  Um...what?  I know what I like and it makes me happy to not care if anyone else likes it.  Of course, I'm an introvert.  If you care to know if other people like it too, then by all means, f-book it.

I'm clearly not entirely against social media...what with the blogging, but at my core I really really really don't care if anyone reads this ever.  I care even less if anyone "likes" or "dislikes" it.  I rarely check my "stats" to see if anyone is reading.  I'm surprised when I get a comment.  I understand that others aren't like me in that.  Peachy keen.

What  I don't understand is the surprise that f-book would do something like run a psych experiment on the users.  The "privacy" policy....which last time I read it seemed to be an agreement to give up all pretty unreadable so I have no doubt that somewhere in there it states that f-book may use itself against you.  Maybe blogger will at some point too.  I couldn't be bothered to rummage through the policies in that much depth.  I doubt I'd be surprised if a similar situation occurred.  Chagrined, but not surprised.

So, that's the rant.  Remember that everything at all times is "user beware."

My life is simpler by not getting caught up in a social media situation geared to extroverts and lots of information.  I prefer the blog where I put things out there and then move on with my life.  As I move into a camper in the next couple of weeks even this could go by the wayside.  Maybe I'll post paper bills around town with flour paste decrying my latest opinion.  Who knows.

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