Monday, July 21, 2014

A Very Wee Garden

Here is another friend's garden.  She lives in an apartment that is the main floor of an older house.  The only restriction on use of the yard is "no eyesore"...hmmm.  Thus she's proceeding with care.  Since there is another apartment in the house and they get to use the house too, best to be polite.  The yard is also quite small.

She's gone with a container garden.

Here's an overview photo:

 The black thingy in the background will eventually be a water feature and sunk in the ground.  She's been here barely a month.  Things are proceeding quickly.

Making good use of the back steps.  I think that's a lemon tree on the top step.  It will be inside in winter.

 A tomato!

 And more tomato plants!  Pretty impressive.  I like the tiny flowers on the left.  They look big given the small size of the garden.

The whole thing is on the east side of the house.  This is fine given the intensity of the sun around here in the summer.  The fence on the north side of the lawn, about 5 feet from the garden, and the protection of the house to the west, will probably extend the season a bit after a frost will have hit bigger gardens that are more exposed.  And of course with containers one had the option of bringing the plants into the house on frosty nights.

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