Friday, May 17, 2013

Waste Through Pour Menuing

OK, I made up that last word.  But seriously people...put the main ingredients on the menu and I won't be wasting so much money.

I had a working lunch today at a restaurant.  I carefully looked for a reasonable dairy-free and cost effective option.  We had to pay for our own lunches.  So, I got some basic burger with a side salad and a vinaigrette.   The salad comes not just TOPPED with grated parmesan, but bottomed with it as well.  There was cheese laced throughout.  What the hell?   I hadn't said "no cheese on the salad" because this was a GARDEN salad and I have never picked a head of cheese in my garden.  Also, I've had it before WITH NO FREAKING CHEESE.  I was really pretty pissed.  Probably too much so.  I tried for a second to pick the cheese off, but there was no hope.  It was everywhere.  If it weren't allergy season I'd cheat a bit but not right now in pollen central when I need to mow the lawn.  Dairy gives me sinus infections and makes my allergies much worse.  So it wasn't like I'd die.  But really, I was already going to waste the bun, and the money spent no the bun, because it was fried in butter and then apparently re-buttered.  I knew that so I pull the burger off the bun immediately.    Without the salad, it meant that I got to eat a naked burger with 2 slices of tomato, 4 pickles, and some ketchup.   Not really worth 9 bucks. 

I have sent an email to the restaurant, via one of my aliases, that it would be nice to know when there are common allergens like dairy on things where they aren't expected...say "garden" salad.   I realize I'm too pissed off about this.  More than it deserves.  It's just that I don't understand when cheese became a default ingredient in everything.   I've had it show up on club sandwiches when it was not listed in the ingredients.  If it ever appears on a BLT I will not be responsible for my actions.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jill, I like your blog. Been thinking about you lately so what's up? It seems this is a once a year contact. I'm terrible at keeping in touch. Miss you! Flora