Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Son of a BISCUIT!

So, at the Spinal Tap concert that was really an evening with Michael McKean, Harry Shearer and Christopher Guest...I text the jumbotron and win 4 free tickets to another concert at that venue.

So, I ask if Jonny can have the tickets (my friend in Denver) and they say "sure".
SO, today I get it sorted out and pick a show with Jonny's help.
AND he gets 4 free tickets to LORETTA LYNN!!!

SON OF A BISCUIT!!! I want to go so bad I can taste it.
And a plane ticket is only 200$...sooooo......
I would be a bad person, but christ I want to go.
Screw the environmental issues of that much plane travel. This is LORETTA LYNN we're talking about.

Also, I can't remember ever winning something this cool. EVER.

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Pamela said...

As a person who's seen Miss Loretta live and in person- you HAVE to go!!! there's even a bonus opening act by her drunken son!