Monday, May 18, 2009

No Pink Eye!!

Well, so far so good. (knock on wood).
I have no pink eye. But the other aftermath of the sinus infection, the first in years...damn kids. Is pretty gross. I won't share.

And I also see that Pam commented that she really DOES put purell around her eye to avoid it. I did think of putting peroxide in my eye but thought better of it. I challenge Pam to put up a video of this procedure of hers but I in no way endorse it! (not just because putting gelled rubbing alcohol in your eye can't be good, but also because it comes in a plastic bottle).

Speaking of that. I'm a bit pissed at the makers of my usual Kombucha. They changed from the glass bottle with metal lid, to a glass bottle with a plastic lid. I may have to quit buying it but it really helps my gut issues...and it's something to drink other than water water water.
With the metal lid the only plastic was the lid liner and that "don't put arsenic in me" plastic wrapper we have to put on everything with a lid no. Jeez. Are there really so many people going around putting poison in stuff? Really? Since Kombucha is a fermented product already, I can't imagine it's a problem if someone breaks the seal so it's probably not that.

We are a nation of fraidy-cats.

Anyway, the plastic lid. It was the one treat I had where I thought I was really not doing much damage to the planet (never mind the jet flights to concerts...we're talking about minutiae today, not the big picture). Now, it has a plastic lid.

This also makes the bottle less useful for refilling as the plastic lids are not as durable. I was using them for dish soap, vinegars, whatever at the bulk section of the co-op. The metal lids were virtually indestructable but the plastic ones not so much.

I'm going to end up with everything in a mason jar. Oh well.

I know you can make kombucha at home, but you need to order a starter kit that no doubt comes in a giant plastic bag!
I'm sick of it.

Speaking of that. I got the 5lbs of shea butter I ordered. It is a LOT of lotion. I need to start repackaging it and maybe keep some in the fridge or a cooler area in the trailer. They say it doesn't go rancid, but I'm sure being in a hot trailer over summer will test that theory. There is plastic packaging involved, but much less than if I kept getting it in 8oz tins. I'll just refill the tins and some jars I have already.


Pamela said...

I'll work on the video. But regarding the plastic bottle... We have purell dispensers all over the building at work. Big, wall-mounted ones. So, I take my squeezy bottles that we got free at the flood and refill them when no one is looking. I figured it's the least they can do.

Fly Right said...

Do you remember anyone making you rinse your eyes (via an "eye cup") with Boric Acid as a child? Am I making this up? I think I'm not. I'll have to ask my parents. It may have been for pink eye avoidance, or maybe to keep roaches out of your eyes. . . that's the other use for Boric Acid, I believe.