Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack...

Well, for a day or two anyway.
I'm having trouble with internet access and getting the blog up. I was trying to write it in notepad and then quickly post it at work, but this isn't working because the line wrap thingy gets all wonky and that drives me NUTS.

Anyway, right now I'm at a conference at the Wildhorse Casino outside Pendleton, Oregon. It's a lovely facility and pretty cheap.

And, it comes with a side of cheesy so that makes it even better. Here is the view from my window:

Honestly, it's not worse than the view if you could see the landscape. The word "desolate" comes to mind. This is the area of the world scoured by the Missoula Floods (back an ice age or so ago, western Montana and into Canada was a big lake held in place by some an ice dam near the Montana/Idaho border...sometimes the dam would break and the HUGE wall of water...like 1500feet deep...would wash over North Idaho and parts of Washington and Oregon taking all the dirt with it. This happened multiple times) and also an area that has been to dry to grow many plants and thusly little soil formation and thusly...bit of a moonscape.

And here is my favorite part of the room...the Door to Nowhere:

It's in a sidewall and goes to a thin little space and another door. I wanted to take pictures of that and will try again tomorrow. Right now the neighbors on the other side of the other door to nowhere are in and I don't want to freak them out any more than necessary.
The back side of the door has no knob but there is no deadbolt or any other locking device. Not even a locking door knob! And the latch is one of the kind that is so easy to open with a credit card or that plastic room key thingy.

The door also appears to be hollow core as does its mate. We were served a lovely buffet that was...oh, let's say "heavy". We were all making grand efforts not to break windage during the post dinner discussion, There was much fidgeting. Many fake cell phone calls were taken as an excuse to go into the hallway and make a dash for the restroom. Here's hoping the neighbors' stomachs were not too upset by the dinner.

In OTHER NEWS....I'm totally going to see SPINAL TAP in concert!
OK, it's the main three guys from Spinal Tap and not in costume and they will be playing acoustically, but STILL!! Awesome. I'm going to the concert in Denver and my friend Jonny (Hi Jonny) is going with me. We will have a freaking BALL. I'm totally going to make t-shirts.

OK, I need to do a bit of yoga before I get stuck in a crap TV loop...too late. I'm watching some sort of tranny model contest run by RuPaul. It appears to be called "RuPaul's Drag Race". OH MY GOD! Charo is going to be on. I'm totally stuck in a crap TV loop already. Oh well.

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jonny said...


Knock on the door to nowhere when your neighbors are in. Call out: "Hello? Hello? Can you open your door? I'd like to interconnect our rooms. My half is the living room. You're the bathroom side. Hello? Hello?"