Monday, March 30, 2009

Cheap Thrills

I had my annual review (almost as much fun as an annual exam). The only criticism I accept is that my outfits are crap.

So where did I go for new outfits for work? THRIFT. HA!
Today I'm wearing a rust/orange wool sweater with a straight hem and v-neck (and sleeves that are actually long enough so it's probably a men's sweater). It cost 99cents at the alarmingly named Classy Rack thrift store. The name is particularly alarming because it is linked to the mission...christian mission...that helps poor people and is in a pretty rough part of Spokane. It's near the DejaVu strip club and whatnot which makes for some double entendre for the Classy Rack. But I'm not proud. I'll take the sweater off the 99cent rack. Especially since no one ran it through the dryer.

I also checked out the Goodwill in Moscow, Idaho. I got 4 shirts. 2 Columbia brand. 1 LandsEnd. 1 Chadwicks. I know that Chadwicks isn't "classy" but it's a fine color and I won't feel bad if I rip it crawling over a barbed wire fence.

I think my jeans are still acceptable. It IS Idaho afterall. Jeans are business casual (black jeans are business formal).

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