Saturday, March 25, 2017

Farewell My Culvert-bine

Ok, that title sucked but have you tried to rhyme or pun with "culvert"?  I could have gone with "pipe" as in "Ceci N'Est Pas Une Pipe" but that was even less accessible and would have required a Magritte type illustration.
 Image result for ce n'est pas une pipe

It's also not true because the pipe is still there. It just doesn't work that well anymore.  Water goes through.  It also goes BESIDE and possibly underneath.  That is like super not good.  For reals.  There is also a large chunk of dirt and rock that went...presumably...through the pipe.  Or beside.  Given the conservation of matter, it went somewhere.  That is not the real issue.  The real issue is that the dirt and rock is NOT where it was: The upstream end of the aforementioned culvert.  It eroded out all the way to a tire track in the two tracks that I refer to as "my road."  That's not good.  It's too wet to drive on for the moment, but even when it's dryer, I don't think I will be trusting this.  More dirt and rock could fall and the tire follow those, and the subaru will be stuck. 

It is time to squeeze the budget and buy some new pipe.  I don't even know where to get that shit.  oh well.

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