Friday, February 3, 2017

She Thrifts...She SCORES!

I needed brown slacks for an upcoming trip where my aunt (Hi Chris!) warned me that we're going to a "NO JEANS ALLOWED" restaurant. I thought I had an outfit that would work.  But then I tried it "fit" but it made me look like I had narrow shoulders and a giant rear...basically the opposite of my actual linebacker-build.  So, I needed a new pair of pants to go with the 25cent thrift shirt I got a few weeks ago (Eddie Bauer cranberry colored button down blouse).  I tried the goodwill and sure enough, REI brown pants in my size!  They look new but no tags.  20$ to start...that tag color was on 1/2 price...down to 10$.  I whipped out my "20% off coupon" from donating stuff ...BAM!  8$ pants.  Nice.  

I do realize that these aren't formal.  And yet, I'm going to wear them.  They are a nice chocolate brown, smooth fabric, and easy to pack. 

 In summer I bet they will be my "go to" pants for days at work.  I always need sturdy outdoorsy pants for the archaeology parts of my job.

The 25cent shirt may never be matched. It is an actual nice shirt.  Not a "sturdy" shirt.  Pretty rare that I get one of those but seriously.  25cents!  New.  Eddie Bauer.  And it fits.  It will cost more to wash it than to buy it.  It and the pants are thin fabrics so they will pack nicely for the trip.

I've got another trip in March and I'm sure the outfit will get wear then as well.

I think the pants will go nicely with my various REI and Eddie Bauer work button downs with pit-zip vents. Those are the bomb for the hot flashes.  I wish they weren't nylon, but what are you going to do?  So far they are wearing well and easy to wash even in a sink.  They dry super fast.  I should plan that walking trip across Scotland while I've got these nice packable garments.

With 3 shirts, jeans, the brown pants, and a few tank tops to wear under, I can get by for weeks. (also socks, undies, bras and shoes....obviously)

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