Friday, March 4, 2016

Dead Mouse Stinking

I must say I am underwhelmed by the new formula of De-Con (I have no relationship to the company at all and had to pay for the crap so this is unbiased except I'm ticked off I paid for the crap).  I AM glad the new De-Con apparently won't harm other wildlife that may eat the dead mice.  The old stuff was still toxic in the remains apparently.

This stuff does not seem to actually kill mice.
There IS a dead something or other in the car, presumably the mouse who either died of obesity from the amount of De-Con it ingested, or of old age having lived a long, healthy and well fed life.

3 of the little cubes of putative poison were well gnawed at for over a week with one being about half gone.  The number of poops in the car indicate that there is a lone mouse.  I had removed all other food sources to my knowledge and am not sure a single mouse could have eaten more than the amount of missing De-Con.  The one cube I left properly in its protective case, which is supposed to shield it from any animal larger than a mouse and keep your house cat or dog from eating it, remains completely untouched.

And now the car stinks.  Like a dead mouse.  It freezes over night, thaws and stinks during the day.  This is probably slowing decomposition so it will stink for a good long time.  I made a half hearted attempt to find it and may try again today.  The thing is, I'm mostly at the car at the beginning of the day before I've even had breakfast or coffee and it's dark, cold and rainy out. Or at the end of the day after work ...once again dark, cold and rainy.  Today is a nice day so maybe before lunch I'll go out and try to find the little bugger.  If I find it I'll lose my appetite so it will help the diet.  If I don't find it, it must be stuck up in the upholstery somewhere and I'll just have to ride it out for a couple of months of stank.  Won't be the first time I've had a stinky car.

The last car leaked under the dashboard.  Probably from windshield run off.  During the summer it was dry and didn't stink.  In the fall, spring, and warmer bits of the winter a hell of a mold would get going and it would smell musty.

I did get some peppermint essential oil as the hippie-dippies seem to think that will chase away the mice.  I'm also hoping it will chase away the mouse stank.  So far I've only remembered to open it up overnight once. 


Angela Gulick said...

I am sorry about your mouse stank. I have no suggestions or easy answers. Could you put some of those refrigerator boxes of baking soda in the car near the source of the smell? Or get a tupperware container of kitty litter? I've heard both of those can absorb bad smells. Good luck. Sorry li'l mouse.

Jill said...

There is a ton of baking soda in there but not solving the issue entirely. I'll look into adding a kitty litter component. Thanks!!