Monday, February 2, 2015

Wee Clothing Experiment Update


All those years worrying about repeating and outfit (OK...I spent far less time on this than most but there was still some lost time in my life) and no one gives a flying crap.  Apparently.

Could it be that the rules I've been following since I got this job 10 years ago actually work:

Wear Clothes That Are:

1) Clean (at least smell clean)...I haven't washed the sweaters since last spring but I never wear them without an undershirt of some sort and I take them off when I get home or change into another shirt before into a particularly dirty situation.  Other than gardening and the like, I always wear clean clothes.

2) Work Appropriate.  No cleavage (boob or butt) at work (that goes for you too, fellas).  Not overly tight anywhere.  It just looks bad.

Um....that might actually be it...I guess I also try to wear clothes that I'm comfortable in.

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