Monday, February 9, 2015


I think maybe I overdid the leftovers.

I just realized that my lunch at work today was the third iteration of the key ingredient.

A couple of weeks ago I roasted a chicken.  I ate some and froze the rest of the meat and then boiled the carcass with vinegar for broth.
I picked the meat bits out of the broth and froze those.  The bones got composted and trashed.

Then I made soup with some of the leftover roasted chicken meat and the broth with some added vegies.

About the 5th meal of leftover soup made from left over chicken...I'd had it.
So I strained out the broth and used it to make a white sauce with coconut oil and flour (dairy free you know). I used that and some cracked wheat I found in the cupboard and a few more veggies to turn the last 2 servings of soup into 4 servings of casserole (it was a loves/fishes sort of thing).

I just ate the last damn serving of that casserole...though it was tempting to chop it up and scramble it in and egg and have leftover-soup-casserole-frittata.  But that would have made 2 or 3 servings and this chicken loop would never end. 

Still, my food waste is at an all time low.

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