Friday, August 1, 2014

A Local Garlic Harvest

Apparently this garden blog thing is a hit.  I got unsolicited photos of an amazing garlic harvest at a friend's garden.

OK, I have NO IDEA why the photos insist on going in upside down.  I think our gardener is a trickster.  I got one to turn rightside up, but then the other two just aren't having it.  I artfully arranged them so hopefully you won't notice.

If you're seeing this blog on a laptop, then just turn your computer over for a more satisfying experience.

The POINT is that Erika grew a ton of amazing garlic.  She even braided the soft neck varieties.  

 I'm in awe of her allium skills.

See if you can spot the photo bomb.   (Also...great gams Erika!)

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