Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My New Home and a Few Pictures of the Land

Yvonne (who is awesome) towed the camper down a few weeks ago.  All went well.  It is now parked on the land next to the big tree.  Yes, the tree might fall on it.  Don't care.  Shade is the was using the only flat spot around.

This is a view looking from one of the high points toward the east.  The camper wasn't there yet.  I was really digging the oxeye daisies that day.  you can see the highway. I own that far.


 This is a view of the pond looking from west to east...with the family of mergansers who were out and about one day.  Haven't seen them since.  I'm pretty sure they are slaughtering the frogs and tadpoles...but the frog/tadpole population was enormous so I think it will be OK.

That is all for now.  I was hoping to level the camper up and do some dirt moving this week but I had to have a couple of teeth out.  Apparently I could dislodge the 700$ bone graft or something if I lift heavy things.  So, next week.

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