Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Save Time and Money in the Morning!

Ugh.   I keep reading (WHY do I go to those stupid "news" aggregating websites in the first place) stupid "how to save ____ " "news items" (hah...not new, not news...whatever).   Maybe just to feel superior?  Habit?  Because I like being irritated?  Who knows.

Anyway.  One "headline" today, and probably for the last several since these asinine sites like to recycle their "news" quite a bit by just refreshing the headline or photo, was "How to Save Time in the Morning."

Basically you should be organized with your hair and makeup routine.
Um...I save EVEN more time and a bucket of money by NOT wearing makeup in the first place.   I have a zero cost makeup system.  I just live with the face I have.   Moisturizer is coconut oil (like from the food aisle) or shea butter bought in bulk.  Just shea butter.  Not shea butter or coconut oil based lotions an potions.  Simply the actual article.  Annual cost:  about 20$.   Time savings:  who knows.  I don't even know how long people spend putting on makeup.   How much money do they spend?  I truly have no idea.

Being "organized" with the wardrobe will also "save time" in the morning.  So will not really giving a crap and buying clothes that all go together.  I have a range of colors for shirts and the shells I wear under them, and I wear jeans or other sturdy work pants, in blue, brown or black every day.  My wardrobe isn't going to win any awards for fashion, but no one seems to complain.  There are no two items I can put together in my wardrobe that will make anyone flinch (well...maybe that one lavender shell shouldn't go with the orange cowboy shirt but they never meet in the wild since the shell is for work and the shirt is for gardening).   I save time by wearing whatever is first.  Right now there are about 5 button down shirts in rotation that were worn once last week with an undershirt so they can be worn again this week with a clean undershirt.  I guess I also save time and money by working in a place and job where no one gives a crap beyond "is she clean, professional looking and able to do her job in those clothes?).   (I think I had punctuation build up at the end of that last sentence...Angela will let me know if I've messed it up.)   Obviously the clothes are from thrift stores so double cheap (and often bought when they are on sale at thrift so triple cheap.)  The shoes are bought new, on sale, and the socks are generally gifts (much appreciated gifts!).

I recently read that I could save money on shampoo by diluting it. I can't. I don't use shampoo.  That's right.  Still no-pooing the hair and still happy with it.  Hair still clean and healthy and whatnot.  I've read that some people even give up washing their hair entirely, not even a rinse.   I'm not planning on going that route.  But more power to them.  They are saving my estimated 10$ in annual hair care costs.

One last time saver for the morning:  Take your shower the night before.  Since I've been doing more digging at the new place (slow slow slow digging) I'd sometimes needed a shower in the evening.  I decided to not double that with a shower in the morning if I wore clean jammies, slept in clean sheets, and didn't get all sweaty.  So far no complaints.  Granted, I work in a building with IT nerds so I doubt anyone would really care if I did stink but I'm pretty sure I don't .  I'll switch back to morning showers one of these days.

What do I do with all that time savings in the morning?
Well, I sleep.   Then I make a decent breakfast.  Take out the compost.  This morning I hung out some laundry (WOOHOO!  First laundry hung outside of 2014) and returned books to the library.  I guess all of those actually save me money in the long run.

OK, enough time spend feeling superior for a Monday.

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