Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Throne

There it is, in all it's glory.  I would like to say that I ran the photo through some magical photoshop process to make it look like that, but it's just a crap cell phone photo of a crapper and it came out like that every time.  Anyway, it is no longer in the "staging area" (my living room) while the snow melts off (I had to drag it from the car to the door over the snow...the bottom is quite sledlike).   It is now in the storage room/front bedroom sharing space with the worms and things headed to goodwill.    I will not use it until it's out on the land.   Maybe I'll put it where I want the cabin and just build around it.

The handoff went well.   I drove 2 hours north to pick it up.  The sellers thought it wouldn't fit in their subaru (an outback) and thought I'd need to drive another half hour following them from town to their place.  BUT it DID fit in their car (whoo hoo) so that saved quite a bit of time and effort for me.  It was no problem in the forester.  I would have stood up even, though I doubt it would have traveled well standing up.

I got it for 900$ less than the price of a new one and really....after the first poo it would be "used" anyway.   It came with the manual and a few chemicals to get me started.  And yes, I'm looking for a way to incorporate this with the vermicomposter though probably as a 2nd composting process rather than right in the rotating drum of poo and peat moss.   The worms would not enjoy the rotating bit.   Once they've been jostled they don't eat for a week or two and it needs to be rotated 2 times a week.  The compost will NOT go on any food crops.  Promise.  It won't even go uphill from any food crops.  I'm sure it's clean and contagion free, but seriously, gross. You can't get the cooties out no matter how much you compost it.

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