Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Too long!

I haven't been on lately. Other interests like starting plants, going to meetings, and listening to books on tape. So really, no good excuse.

I do have an excellent thrift store report! I am going to a formal dinner to support a human rights group in the next county north. It's fairly formal and I have no decent clothes to wear, though several gorgeous scarves thanks to an Aunt who traveled in Asia and picked up a variety of lovely silk shawls and scarves.

After an oil change yesterday I made the most of my time in the big city by going to a few thrift stores. At one I found BRAND NEW tan wool herringbone slacks by l.l. bean or similar. Still had the tags on. They are straight leg style which is best for me. There was also a dark brown silk shirt which is in the same part of the color wheel, but not matchy-matchy. I think it will work. A new formal outfit for a total of 15$. Woohoo! There were also columbia brand zip-off pants! They didn't have tags, but no spots, tears, wear or anything. I never buy these new because they are pricy and because they are made of artificial materials and I don't like to support that...BUT these are good pants and my other zip off pants are suddenly too small. They will work well when riding my trike since the ankle openings have a draw string so I can tighten them up and keep them out of the chain. Since they were 3$ I won't mind getting chain grease on them either.

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