Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day Film Recommendations

I think we all know that I like Earth Day. I'll be on the radio on the actual day and will be giving an Earth Day movie list...but you saw it here first (my opinion may change by the time I get to the station).

Dirt (great documentary about the importance of soil)
The Real Dirt on Farmer John (great documentary about an eccentric midwestern farmer)
An Inconvenient Truth (obviously)
The Garden (about a community garden in LA)
King Corn (corn and what happens to it, check out Ricardo Salvador the best looking plant biologist out there...also brilliant)

Scripted Films:
Greenfingers (Clive Owen is a murderer with a heart of gold and a green thumb)
Silent Running (classic eco-film with a youngish Bruce Dern on a ship with the last plants)
Soylent Green (obviously)
Delicatessen (post apocolyptic black comedy about cannibalism (no other food left))
Brazil (it's me so you know this will show up on every list)
Lemon Tree (widow in Palestine/Israel loses a lemon orchard to politics)
Alamar (beautiful views of an ecosystem and culture that are not long for this world)

There are thousands more, but these are what comes to mind. Enjoy. Happy Earth Day

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