Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Long Between Posts..

Sorry it's been ages. I ran out of free internet at the house (OK OK..."trailer") early in the month and haven't had time to get online elsewhere and post. I have a few posts written so there may be an onslaught early in April when the free internet timer resets. For now: I have leads on 2 pieces of land. Many options and much to consider. It's hard to pick between bare land where I could do exactly what I want, and land with a house on it that would need a lot of re-doing (or "undoing" may be more the term...getting rid of the electricity and whatnot) but I could live in while I did that. The land with the house on it also has an option to rent it and see if I REALLY want to live out in the boonies (it's only a mile from town) without power, collecting water, and having chickens and bees. So...we'll see.

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