Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cheapest Movie Rental Deal EVER

The selection is unreliable. The price is right.
The Goodwill in Moscow, Id is selling out many many VHS movies for 49cents. I still have a working VCR (knock on wood...) so I can take advantage of this.
It's an extra good deal if the colored tag deal (50% off of a particular color price tag) applies to the movie I want. Generally, I won't buy the movie if it's the full 49cents. I wait until it's half off for 25cents (they round up that last 1/2cent those greedy thriftstore bastards).

For a quarter, I buy the movie. Bring it home, watch it a time or two, then take it back. No late fees. No membership to buy. No corporate policies to investigate and see if they are in line with my environmental goals (admittedly, Goodwill is moving into shiny new box-like stores but I'm not ready to boycott them yet).

I've gotten most of the Anne of Green Gables series. Star Wars. A Beautiful Mind. Il Postino. Shirley Valentine. Tracy Takes On... and much much more.

Most go back. I haven't watched Il Postino yet and may hang on to that is a classic and considered one of Marcello Mastroiani's best. I'm also hanging on to Shirley Valentine because it's cute and funny and has some of my favorite lines.

Occassionaly I find a DVD worth having but those go for $2.99 so even half off, they need to be pretty compelling. Another thrift store sells them for $1 but their selection is mostly self-help and exercise. Their donation clientel are not my people.

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