Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Iowa Highlight Part 2

A few more photos from the MaidRite.
You can see Sher's technique of leaving the sandwich wrapped for tidiness. And Pam's balls-out-all-unwrapped-ultramessy method.

They had the chocolate pie, which is not visible in this photo. I was just shooting the classic pie display cabinet.

And below are a couple of photos of the decor and clientele.

And now for the rest of the show:
The pixie cut gal came up to us and asked if we'd tried their homemade ketchup. We said "no." She pulls a ketchup squeezy thing (see above photo) out from other the counter, whacks it down hard and a stream of ketchup shoots out at Pam! But it was really red yard stuffed in the bottle. Pam nearly jumped out of her skin.


Pamela said...

but I did not pee.

Anonymous said...

And we all couldn't be more proud of you and your bladder control, Pam.