Friday, July 2, 2010

Potato Flowers

No pun in the title. Just another update.
The garden is changing fast at the moment.
There are at least 13 baby tomatoes...the count changes. I don't know why. They don't move but they are well camouflaged so I miss some each time I count.

One pepper plant whose popsicle stick label has pretty well faded is bearing tons of flowers and looks really healthy. The two tallest pepper plants are just looking spindly. I don't think they like it here. Oh well.

The two mints from Sally are doing well. I've been watering them daily to help them establish in the garden. They are looking like live plants so that is good. The chocolate mint plant I got previously is also looking quite good. It's spreading throughout its pot and smells delicious.

Cilantro is up now as is either calendula or's in a square where the notes aren't clear. They are both good for what ails you so no big deal. I'll be able to tell what they are when I see the flowers.

3 of the 7 potato buckets have flower buds. This is good. All the potatoes are growing like crazy. Leaves everywhere.

Same with the volunteer squash. One plant is massive. It might choke out neighboring plants.

The newly planted giant container with squash, cukes and a mellon has 2 of the three plants starting. I think it's squash and cucumbers but I'm not sure.
I got one more pot to plant. I think I'll try more cucumbers. They seem to have a short season and I do like pickles though I've never made any. Maybe I'll make sweet pickles as a contrast to my sour jam.

I'm starting to feel like the crazy old lady character from "The Vicar of Dibley"...the one who made experimental foods like cake with liver pate in it. It's more fun than just making normal food.

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