Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Own Private Idaho

Sometimes I look at something and realize I live in Idaho. North Idaho.

Today, I was at the farmer's market in Moscow where I got some organic rhubarb, eggs, and artisan potato bread. Then, a friend called to see if I wanted coffee (over priced espresso). I said sure. She also brought me a bucket of chicken crap for the garden.

Then I picked up my tricycle (recumbent...see last year's posts about it), and I got some obscure foreign films from the library...and a pair of "Northern Exposure" episodes. And finally I went home where I ran into the landlord who was turning on my outdoor spigots while chasing cats out from under the trailer.

It just seemed very Idaho to drive around with a 1500$ tricycle in a 1000$ car (which has 500$ worth of new tires on it) with a bucket of chicken crap riding shotgun with the movies and organic produce and fancy bread.

Yesterday's dinner was pretty Idaho as well.
Frybread, huckleberry non-dairy ice cream from my tiny maker from the thrift story, and a GIANT steelhead filet. I made everything but the frybread. The huckleberries, fry bread and steelhead were a gift. A good gift.

I used the rest of the huckleberries along with the rhubarb to make some crisp to take to work and share around (made with all organic and/or wild ingredients). It was pretty amazing with the icecream from yesterday. I only made a cup of icecream but it's so rich it's going to take me a while to eat it.

I also mixed up some tabouli. With all that, I won't need to cook for the week. This is nice, but opens up some interesting free time.

I have Monday off work and was planning to do an extra radio show but got pipped at the post (someone else took it before I signed up). This frees up all of Monday. I've been so busy lately that I'm confused by an unplanned day. What will it be? Triking? Fishing? Lying around without foundation garments watching depressing foreign films? I could clean my filthy house but we all k now that's not happening.

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Fly Right said...

Sometimes I feel like I live like you live, just not as much. And in an urban setting. I do have lots of rural moments (usually involving gardening and inappropriate outdoor wear--like a nightgown). I don't do any fishing, but we're flooded all over around here, and it would probably be good fishin'. I have lots of tomatoes popping up all over--looks like there will be fried green ones in my future.