Thursday, June 10, 2010

Taters Taters Everywhere!

KEY-RIPES! (that's "cripes" in emphatic-speak)

So, I planted those SEVEN containers of potatoes with one per bucket and 3 in my recycling bin (funny that I repurposed something I actually used EVERYDAY rather than any one of a number of items of crap that I never touch...oh was the right size and already had holes in the bottom and I can de-repurpose it at the end of the season and make it a recycle bin again).
Anywho, so I keep filling the buckets 'n bin up over the leaves like you're supposed to according to general wisdom on the interwebs and the potato leaves in the more established buckets consistently grow up through an inch of soil/compost literally overnight. Like I bury 3 inches of growth under 4 inches of soil after work and by morning the leaves are up again. I hope there are potatoes connected to all that leafery. Anyway, they look cool and like I'm a super good gardener.

It looks like the kohlrabi in a pot (an alarmingly undersized pot) have come up. I'll have to thin them. The beets in a pot are up (as are beats in the garden). Onions in the garden and the pots are showing good growth and there is now at least one radish attached to the radish tops. That's already better radish production than last year.

The beans are nowhere. I might just stick a lentil in the ground or something because the beans that went in weeks ago are showing no signs of coming up. I've got them under screens to keep the birds from eating them AND I presoaked the beans so they should have started. I'll try again. It's getting late.

The volunteer squash/melon is showing good leafery as well. I know it's a space hog so I hope its roots don't kill any of it's neighbors. Peas came up. About half the ones I planted seem to be up and growing. Next time I'll double plant or sprout them better before planting.

Lots of lettuce seems to be doing well along with the chard. Of course the chard looked great last year but once up bolted immediately so not really an edible crop.

In other news, I'll be on the radio every Sunday for the rest of the summer. The dude who ran the alternate Sundays for Peace Radio sadly passed away so I'm hoping to keep the show going until someone can be found to take over permanently. Tune into from 2-4pm PACIFIC time to hear DJ Sally P and the Jills (though on alternate Sundays it may just be me weeping quietly into the mic because I've panicked about keeping the show going...actually, Sally is helping on the 13th...I think...and I'm sure others will help too).

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Angelamusings said...

Hi The Jills,

I have several thoughts. I think you should become Jazzy Jill to your radio colleague's Fresh Prince of Pullman. So glad to hear that you are having a bumper crop of everything. I think I might head to the farmer's market this weekend and get me some fresh fruit (maybe a veggie will accidentally fall into the bag). I don't know nuthin' 'bout 'taters (but apparently, I know a great deal about cutsey spellings of words and over use of apostrophes). My dad always said you should plan potatoes on Good Friday. When I once asked him how that works, since Good Friday varies 10-12 days every year, he had no answer for me. I guess it's just the God wants things. I hope you enjoy all your crops (however, I'm not sure de-re-purpose is actually a word. If you do this task before something else, is that a pre-de-re-purposing going on?)

Good luck with the radio show. Maybe you need to develop funny voices so it sounds like a bunch of people are in the room. Or you could turn it into a call-in show, and I'll call and we can just shoot the breeze for an hour or so. Call Jonny for the other hour. OK, I need to go. Have a loverly day.