Sunday, June 13, 2010

Of Plants and Crap

So, the garden is super up. I've had my second harvest already. The first was a few parsley sprigs for potato soup. This morning was a couple of nice radishes. Not a normal breakfast, but they were good (with a hazelnut-milk cocoa mocha...speaking of clean colons...).

I re-buried the potatoes again yesterday. The first pots are pretty well topped off! No doubt there will be some compaction of the top layer and I'll fill that in with compost, but that is all they'll hold. Hope there's taters in them thar buckets. The second round of 'tater 'tainers (I'M TOTALLY COPYRIGHTING that phrase for when I market pre-planted buckets of potatoes) is about 1/4 to 1/3 full of dirt now. The blue potatoes show more vigourous leaf growth in general. We'll see what that means for tuber production.

The lettuce and other greens are pretty well up but not ready for eating. Carrots continue to sprout and come up. The kohlrabi package says 20-30 days to germinate, but they've been coming up in about a week in the raised bed and the containers. Looks like all but 2 onion starts have actually grown tops and hopefully will grow bottoms.

Sher is supposed to send some of the "walking onions" from Iowa this fall so I can see if they work here. Could make an interesting winter crop for the raised bed.

The neighbors and their insufferable boxer dog (what a whiny bit of crap...the dog may be "nice" but they let it squeal and whine for an hour or more multiple times per day) rototilled their garden just yesterday. They'll probably get a better crop than me. Not much to be done about that.

I replaced the dead strawberry pot with a sage plant. The mystery square in the garden is filled with a late tomato. That makes 10 tomato plants and 12 peppers. Mostly hot peppers. The beets are looking especially lively. Here's hoping I get something other than just beets, potatoes and onions to eat...though at least those!

I have one last GIANT container I found (like it had a 6' tree in it or something). What should I plant in there? Perhaps a late squash? I'll take your suggestions and plant accordingly.


Pamela said...

how about pumpkins?

Fly Right said...

I would totally buy your 'tater 'tainers! I'll even start saving kitty litter buckets for you!