Sunday, April 25, 2010

Santa Fe and stuff

We had a very groovy time in Santa Fe! The house (which is for sale...) was a hoot. Not the decor I would pick, but lovely all the same. I especially liked the tiny kiva style fireplace in the kitchen. It was high enough that the kitchen table could be pushed up in front of it. It was also small enough that the fire burned out quickly. A fire over breakfast is now a priority for the house I'll build someday.

Three bedrooms and two bathrooms worked out pretty well. Pam and I did not have an outside window which was sort of odd. The porch the window used to open onto had been enclosed so our window opened onto that room rather than actual out of doors.

The Iowa troop had plane issues on the way and ended up arriving late. Pam apparently fell directly into bed (we shared a room). In the morning I was already up and about before she came back to life. She apparently thought that there were TWO windows onto the sunroom so when I came through the one that is really a door she said "what the hell!" thinking I'd walked through a wall. That was funny.

We did several days in Santa Fe. A day at Marcie's in Cochiti Lake (Jerry regaled us with the funniest story anyone had heard in recent years) where we enjoyed a salad so good we had it 2 more times before we left.

A day in Taos was lovely with excellent food and shoppery. We also spotted the "Wagner Casita"! A holiday rental home. I checked it out on line and it is really 3 little houses in a compound. All are too small and too expensive for us. Oh well. It would have been amusing. Perhaps we'll see the "Brown House" or the "Sperry Arms" or, best of all "The Baskerville Inn" for the next reunion. Hilch thinks we should do it again in 2 years.

And, and update: I decided to take a week off from technology for "Earth Day" (it was the 40th anniversay of Earth Day). It was odd. I did well for 3 days and obviously couldn't avoid technology at work. It was nice to come home and not just turn on some distraction so I hope to keep taking a day off here and there on some regular basis. On Friday I added 20square feet to my garden for a total raised bed of 36 square feet (4X9). I used scrap wood that was lying around the yard and had roughly the right dimensions. I only had to cut one board. It doesn't look too bad considering it's free. I've got 2 pots and 2 buckets of potatoes going on the shabbier end to cover things up (though camouflaging a tatty garden edge with mismatched pots and 5gallon buckets is probably not the direction that most people would go). I did spend about 50$ for good organic container mix soil to fill the new part of the garden. If I want to get a whole parking space sized garden going this year I don't have nearly enough dirt. I'll need more for the containers too.

My attempt at sprouting and starting my own plants when no where since I forgot about the sprouts and they molded in their plastic bags. Oh well. I bought a parsley plant and 4 sweet pea plants today (yes...I know peas don't transplant well) which were on sale (yes, probably because they are crap) just to get something green going in the garden. I can't wait for tomatoes to be available. I'll probably get some radishes and greens and beets going this week. I think carrots can go in too.

The bad news...I can't find my garden notebook where I had a plan drawn. Oh well. I'll make one online or start a new notebook. Once it's too late to bother I'm sure I'll find the one I lost.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Look out my first blog post! You can indeed transplant sweat peas Erika and I have done it many many times. Just be careful to water a little bit lots of times. Also you will never find the garden notebook. I used to keep a very detailed one and never once did I find it at the beginning of the next summer, not once. I gave up. If you accept the garden notebook will be lost your gardening will be happier, this is my simplistic idea.