Monday, April 5, 2010

Salad Dressing Undoing

I just threw out too many bottles of half finished dressing. I haven't bought any in ages but mostly it went to rot. I found a recipe of just the ratios of oil, sour (vinegar/lemon juice/whatever), sweet (sugar, honey, whatever), salt, and spices to make my own infinite variety of vinaigrettes. So far so good. I've wasted a little of 2 attempts, but haven't had to chuck 3$ worth of the purchased stuff. And I don't have the wasted packaging anymore. That's nice.

So far a favorite is made with toasted sesame oil, sugar, lemon juice, a bit of sea salt and some thyme. Quite nice on a salad of romaine and walnuts.

And now, I must finish making dessert for the next community food security evening here. It's not for a couple of weeks, but I'm terrified of not having enough dessert like last time. This time I'll cook for 75 and we'll get 15. Still, that's better than last time when I cooked for about 15 and we had 70+.


Fly Right said...

Can you give me exact ratios? This sounds like a great idea! Especially if our raspberry grows and produces and doesn't die. I think this is LaJon's third attempt at raspberries. I thought they grew like weeds. . .

Anonymous said...

Oh my god not enough dessert?? You didn't share this with me were you too ashamed? Remember the first step is admitting you did not make enough dessert, the second is to admit you are powerless to not being able to not serve people... etc. I feel your pain and I hope you never have to not serve enough dessert again. m.