Saturday, October 31, 2009


I broke my frying pan! A cast iron frying pan. I can't decide if that makes me a good cook or a bad one. I guess I'm at least avid enough to wear out iron.

It was a #8 Griswald from god knows when. I'd had it 25 years or so. Since I moved out on my own. And it was my main pan. Has a nice lid with the basting nubs and everything. I was thawing out a bit of frozen burger in it and poured in water to steam it a bit...and it cracked. I've done that a hundreds of times in the past 25 years but apparently this was one time too many. I have no idea how old it was, but it looks like there may have been some metal fatigue.

I'm pretty bummed.

Anyway, one soldiers on. I've got tons of pans including the dutch oven I got with a gift certificate to Cabela's last year. Between that and the griddle and the tiny 6 inch frying pan, I have enough cast iron to get by, but it's been disconcerting these last few days without that pan. It always sat on the main burner and was the main thing I'd cook with. Today I had to fry up italian sausage in the dutch oven. This was probably very good for the dutch oven which is still new enough to need some seasoning.

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Fly Right said...

That sucks about your pan. Sorry. I think I was warned about the extreme temperature changes and the wear on cast iron by my mother upon her presenting me with mine. Guess she wasn't lying! She's still using her mother's--that has to be over 80 years old. And someday it will be mine!!! (and I'll be too scared to use it for fear of breaking it)