Saturday, September 5, 2009

Smuggling Plums

Well, not so much smuggling as mixing with sugar and putting in jars.
I got purple and yellow wild (at least feral) plums and have been jamming for a day and a half. They are yummy. (Warning to Gary Hawbaker: SOUR is in the title for a reason.) I had some of each color left over and did a mixed batch. It is gorgeous! Fuschia or heliotrope. And sweeter as I used the full sugar recipe. I usually use the half sugar recipe. I'll try to put in photos but I'm on dial up so it will have to be in another entry.

There are tons more plums so I might try some plum butter. The jam is good thinned on angel food cake, as the jam between two layers of spice cake, in muffins, etc. I like it on toast too. Those of you (GARY) who like sweet sweet industrial jam will not like it so don't eat it. Stick with your smuckers.

I pickled some a few years ago but frankly didn't like the texture. Gritty. Same with the crab apples I tried to pickle. Yuck. If anyone knows how to make these things not gritty, please let me know.

I also made cookies today. I have too much stuff in the cupboard am and trying to use it up rather than buy more food. Cookies are good. Oatmeal cookies. Mostly I was trying to figure out what to bring to a bbq tomorrow and I didn't want to buy something crap to take so I made oatmeal cookies.

I've sorted through most of the crap from the move out of the apartment and back into one single residence (so so nice to walk to work again rather than drive and hour and 15 minutes). Hopefully I can maintain the sorting habit and keep chucking stuff I don't need or use.

OK, time to finish watching a video and hit the fart sack


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,

You sound in a really good space right now (physically, geographically, and emotionally). It would be a blast to spend a day with you in the kitchen making jam. I used to make it with my Mom once in a great while and was HORRIFIED at the amount of sugar that went into jam. I don't know what I expected -- maybe because jam is mostly fruit, I assumed great health benefits. Better yet, it would be fun to have you, me, and Sr. Jalapeno in the kitchen making salsa! As I have to cooking skills but I do have neat hand writing, I could do all of the labeling. PLEASE don't throw away the Senior Jalapeno jar -- I'll take it if you ever want to get rid of it :-) So, so glad your life is coming back into focus. Enjoy the jam! Mmmmm. Jam. On toast. I think I just decided what my Sunday a.m. breakfast is.

Jill said...

Hey Ange, I don't have the whole jar anymore, just the label. I think fondly of the salsa, the packaging for shipment (superb...both) and Tom each time I run into the label in amongst my kitchen clutter.