Friday, September 11, 2009

200+ Posts

Well, it seems that either this or one of the recent posts is number 200. If it were a sitcom someone would celebrate it and there would be a catered lunch.

But, it's a blog and I'm posting on dial-up so there won't be much.

I haven't done movies lately so I thought I'd give a couple of the good one's I've seen lately:

The Window 2007. Obscure Argentinian film (as opposed to the mainstream US box office hits coming out of Argentina I guess). An old fart at a ranch has had a health crisis and is in bed, looking out a window and talking to the remaining staff. It's better than it sounds. It's really quite good.

Pushing Daisies which is a TV series, not a movie. Also quite good. I must give credit, Angela recommended this in her Christmas card last year and I didn't get around to it until now.

Clatterford Series 2. Another series, this one is British. If you haven't seen series 1, then watch that first. It's about the ladies group in a small town. Hilarious! Both of the chicks from AbFab are in it, though not the leads.

The Cooler. I'd tell you the year but it's in the player right now. William H. Macy plays a "cooler"...someone who brings bad luck to gamblers in Las Vegas. Hijinks don't exactly ensue. Alec Baldwin plays a violent creep. I don't think it's much of a stretch for him so he does pretty well. Not something for the kids though.

Most of the other films I've been watching are alarmingly depressing (as I like them), so I won't recommend them to others.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jiller Ebert,

Remember, it's OK to tell us all about the horrifically depressing movies you enjoy wallowing in, just as long as you use some sort of ... oh, I don't know ... system to indicate said movies' levels of despair. Perhaps a thumbs up/thumbs down deal. Or maybe, a quantifiable system, such as fine restaurants use (four-stars = horrifically, depressingly overpriced and impossible to get into...0 stars = my own kitchen). Just a thought. I'm actually going to order the Pushing Daisies DVDs myself because I didn't catch all the episodes the first time around. I give pushing daisies 1000 sparklers and kittens and rainbows and unicorns and jellybeans*


*patent pending on my sparkler/kitten/rainbow/unicorn/jellybean rating system. Please don't steal it away from me for your depressing movies. AG