Friday, August 11, 2017

Haze...But It's Not Purple

If only it were this cool:

Alas it is hot hot:

But not in a chipper way.   In an oppressive, smoky hazy way.

Here is a screen shot of the smoke map:

I'm under the blob of yellow and red over Idaho.  We're excited when it's only in the green (which isn't "good", just slightly less bad).  We've been breathing smoke for weeks now.  Smoke from forest fires.  

And it's been in the 90s during the day. 

For the past week or more the sun has mostly just been a red blob in the haze.  We can't see mountains, just haze.  More haze.  Always the haze.

People in the area are getting cranky.  I'm getting cranky.  I need clean air.  Cripes.


Angela Gulick said...

Come to Champaign -- our air is clean!

Jill said...

AND I get my own poodle and comfy chair and cozy afghan for the duration of my visit. Champaign is the bomb