Friday, June 2, 2017

One of My Personal Heroes: Tyrone Hayes

Dr. Hayes is a biologist at Berkeley, UC Berkeley that is, who studies atrazine effects.  Atrazine is an herbicide used for a variety of things, especially corn crops.  Lots on corn.  I saw a map of atrazine use per acre of agricultural land and my home town is in the red zone.  For reals.

Anyway, Dr. Hayes studied what this atrazine would do to frogs.  At levels lower than EPA standards, atrazine chemically castrated the male frogs (they not only didn't turn into male-looking frogs, they made eggs, mated with other males, and had live baby frogs come out of those eggs).    The atrazine manufacturer who was paying for this study thought many of which was that perhaps Dr. Hayes could report the results differently.  Perchance in a way that made it look like atrazine didn't do that. He said, "No."  He stuck with that.  He is a hero of mine.

Here he is on Democracy Now a few years ago:

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