Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Queen Is Dead...Long Live the Queen

The queen bee.  And all the other bees.
Just the Italians.

I have 2 bee hives.  Carniolan and Italian breeds.  Well, had. 
Both were doing well a month ago.
2 weeks ago the Carniolans were doing well and the Italians were dead.   Dang.

The grant that got me the bees in the first place got replacement bees for those of us who lost bees over the winter and into spring.  These are from a local beekeeper who has many many hives.

I'm not sure of the breed yet, but they are definitely AGGRESSIVE!!
3 stings!  ON MY STOMACH!  Geez Louise.  Itchy like crazy but not overly painful.  I respect that sort of aggression.

1 comment:

Angela Gulick said...

Oh no! I'm really sorry to hear this about your freebies (get it?)

Sorry, this sad time is no time for bad puns. I hope you can get the newbies (again, sorry) up and running soon.