Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Solstice!!!!

The light is coming back and I NEED IT.  The days getting shorter and shorter and shorter get on my nerves.  Which isn't fair to the universe.  It's just a thing that happens.  And if the days didn't get shorter, they wouldn't later get longer.  (I'm like a philosopher).

Anyway. I do love the winter solstice.  I even convinced myself that the sun came up earlier this morning because it was up while I was still at the gym.  Reality check:  I was running late.  Whatever.  I liked it. 

At my place the ski was completely clear when I got home at 7:12pm...and it was pitch dark.  The moon wasn't up yet.  It was a truly gorgeous night.  I woke up at about the time of the actual solstice which was nice.  I wake up every night, but at least this time, it had a side benefit.  Apologies to the recipient of my actual-time solstice text.  I kind of wish I had one of those cameras that takes night photos.  By which I mean...a camera.  The phone and the ipod weren't cutting it.  Hard to describe the stars to those of you who live in lighted areas.  It's amazing when it's dark and cold and clear. 

I see this as the beginning of the new year.  So, Happy New Year!  I guess that means I have several "years."  The calendar year beginning on Jan. 1.  The fiscal year which starts on Oct. 1.  The solar year that begins on winter solstice.

For those of us who celebrate solstice, we need better music.  Not crap like "here comes santa clause" or the smarmy tripe that runs on the radio and stores NON STOP for MONTHS.  Nor the moody enya type stuff.  Good songs like these few tolerable xmas ditties:


And just in case I don't get back to the blog before the calendar new is an offering from Stephen Colbert and Michael Stipe with a needless and distracting James Franco cameo:

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