Thursday, October 13, 2016

Massive Thrift Store Blowout SAVINGS! (and a coupon..woohoo!)

Sometimes I go to the thrift store with a list either written or in my head.

On the list yesterday was a safety orange jacket with the reflective strips so I don't have to wear my stupid old vest with the velcro that grabs my hair during the winter.  It messes with hoods and isn't as visible as it was when it was new.

Also, I wanted a tiny camping espresso maker because they are tiny and I am building up a wee collection of thrift find tiny coffee makers, or at least interesting ones.  So far I use them all.

I'm only out about 30$ for the following:

2 travel mug coffee presses (press the coffee right in the mug and off you go).  One is a 25$ (new...2$ to me) stainless number that I use EVERY DAY.  The handle came off a month or two ago so now it's a tumbler.  The other I use more for tea and I think the plastic isn't going to last as long, but it was a buck or 2 and is good for when I have visitors which is pretty damn rare.

A 2 cup aluminum vintage/antique stove top percolator with tiny percolator filters.  2.84 (3$ with the store that does that even though I find them oppressively christian otherwise)

Small stove top Biali style maker that does 2 espresso cups worth.  There is an even tinier one...I have my eye on yours Diana...if it goes missing you should just ransack my shed and it will be in there.  Last time I pet sat for the aforementioned Diana I drank WAY WAY too much coffee so I could keep making it one demitasse at a time.  Mine was about 2$ and I've used it for years now. I had a bigger one as well but it went in one of the downsizings.  Someone else was probably thrilled to get it.

A 2nd large size stainless steel press, but this is a camping model that makes 2 or 3 cups worth at once.  It's a bit much but I knew it was over $40 new and I got it for about 3 dollars.  Use it tons.  For those who care, it is Planetary Design like the travel press stainless steel mug (now tumbler)

And just to keep the Planetary Design theme going, I found one of their desk press styles (slightly larger capacity because it doesn't have the little spot for extra coffee grounds to make a second cup on the go...) BUT it was missing the internal pressy bit.  The two presses I already own from this company have the press bits and both fit this problemo.  3$ to me $33 new.  Etc.

OBVIOUSLY, a tiny stove top espresso maker was in order.  I had one ages ago and got rid of it either in a downsize or a move or something. Also, not so handy to use as they splatter everywhere while making coffee so it's just for use outside or in the camper, not in the shed.

It looks like this:
It was 4$..spendy, but it is BRAND NEW, never used, and I got a wee mug (probably the one it came with) for 1$, so it was the whole set.  This is GSI Outdoors brand and costs 30$ new if it's aluminum (I think it is) and 40$ new if it is stainless steel (it is quite shiny...).  The tiny cup is about $4 new.  So that's 5$ for a 34$ or 44$ item...and I'm already enjoying it.  Will make espresso with it soon.

The other item on the list, the safety jacket, was a big surprise.  I NEVER find those.  Sometimes I see a safety t-shirt or vest, generally in some gigantic size. This is the nylon rain jacket, orange, with full MEDIUM!!!!  It's dude medium but whatever.  It goes over a coat OK, though maybe not a giant puffy coat.  With the sleeves with double reflective stripes, it is more visible than the vest.  And with the crap lining, it is surprisingly warm...thanks petroleum!  Best to stay away from flames, sparks, and friction as I'm pretty sure it's flammable.  $26 New cost...$8 thrift cost...BUT WAIT!  There's more!!!
I had a 20% off coupon for donating to this thrift store (Goodwill, Moscow, Idaho) and they apply it to the most expensive item.  SO I got $1.60 off...$6.40.  I've already worn it.

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